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The Parks Collection

The Parks fragrance collection is dedicated to preserving the beauty of Chicago's parks through our unique line of candles inspired by the city's most beloved green spaces. Each candle is named after a different park and is carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients to create a warm, inviting aroma.


Not only do our candles bring a touch of nature to your home, but they also give back to the city's parks. A portion of the sales from each candle is donated to the Chicago Parks Foundation, which works to enhance and maintain the city's parks for all to enjoy.


Light a candle, take a deep breath, and let the scent transport you to a peaceful and serene world. Shop now and make a difference in your city's parks with every purchase.

Millennium Park

Champagne, Peonies, Amber

The great lawn is the perfect place for a quiet moment alone, a meaningful conversation, or a concert with friends.

An exciting summer night, listening to a concern on the great lawn in Millennium Park

Promontory Point

Citrus, Sea Salt, Powder

Known for its stunning views of the lake and its iconic 1920s-era stone revetment.

Waves crashing onto the rocks at Promontory Point.  Refreshing and relaxing notes of ozone, violet, and jasmine.

Jackson Park

Magnolia, Cherry Blossom, Tonka Bean

The cherry blossom trees offer a visually stunning experience, and bring people together to celebrate the city's diverse cultural heritage.

A classic Spring scent, Jackson Park is known for its hundreds of cherry blossom trees that herald the start of the season.
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