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Who We Are

Our Story


From our cultural diversity, to our famous skyline and architecture.

From our crosstown baseball rivalry to our united front in football and hockey.

From exploring neighborhoods via the boulevards to hammocking in the parks.

From the lakefront to the riverwalk.

Chicago is the hub of midwestern culture, and continues to inspire innovation and creativity in residents and visitors alike.

In another life, I'm an information technology professional, and if I've learned anything from architecting and building software, it's that if you have bad inputs, then you get bad outputs.  I'm taking this lesson and following a passion to craft quality candles made from the best inputs to make candles with the best outputs. 

What are the bad inputs?

Paraffin: this is what the big guys use, and for good reason... it's cheap, accepts vibrant dye colors, and the hot/cold scent throw is great... but it's made from crude oil.  When burning, paraffin releases carcinogenic soot made of benzene and toluene; similar to what is found in diesel gas fumes.  Burning that paraffin candle in your house is like running a car indoors.

Soy: this has been the big competitor to paraffin.  Fortunately/unfortunately, soy wax comes from the byproduct of the gigantic soy industry.  It's a great use of manufacturing waste, but there are two problems: (1) numerous pesticides are used to grow soy, and (2) the hot/cold scent throw of soy is terrible.  Soy has a nice texture and aesthetic prior to burning, but after burning, the wax re-solidifies with many craters and air pockets.

What are the good inputs?


  • Coconuts are grown and harvested in an all-natural, organic, and renewable fashion.

  • Coconut wax is scentless (no actual coconut smell), and burns cleaner than both paraffin and soy. 


    It has great hot/cold throw; rivaling that of paraffin... without that indoor car. 

  • Coconut wax burns slower than other types of wax which means your coconut candles will last longer.

  • It has a luxurious and creamy texture before, during, and after burning.

I hope you join me on this journey to a better candle experience!

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